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Why Pure Body? Toxins are the dirty little secret of the world we live in, found in our food, water, air and personal care products. Pure Body to the rescue. When properly cleansed and sized right, natural mineral zeolite helps remove heavy metals and other toxins safely and gently from the body.

Pure Body is created using breakthrough processes that activate the natural detox qualities of mineral zeolite. With Pure Body it IS possible to reduce your body burden of toxins.

With just a few drops throughout the day, you can fight back against fatigue, a sluggish metabolism, poor sleep quality, brain fog and the lack of energy that come from a daily barrage of environmental toxins.

The zeolite Clinoptilolite has been grated GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA. Pure Body is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for long-term use.

Even In Small Amounts, Toxin

Third-Party Testing:

Freshly mined, in its raw state, the mineral Clinoptilolite doesn’t do much. Its crystalline structures are pre-filled with pollutants, and it’s too big to be absorbed by the body.

Unfortunately, crushed up raw zeolite is what you’ll find in most zeolite supplements on the market today. That’s why we provide third-party testing validating the purity and potency of Pure Body.

ONLY when processed and prepared correctly, there’s no denying the power of Clinoptilolite to attract and remove heavy metals and environmental toxins, safely and effectively, within 4-6 hours.

Pure Body Proven in 3 Tests:

There are 3 standards every zeolite supplement should meet, yet most just manage one.
Pure Body has been tested and proven in all 3 areas:

1. The type of zeolite is Clinoptilolite
2. The zeolite structures have been cleansed
3. The zeolite is sized for absorption

Since Clinoptilolite has well-established safety studies, and peer-reviewed research, you’ll want to make sure that’s what you’re getting. Zeolite deposits have varying levels of different types of zeolite, so the percentage of Clinoptilolite is important to determine its effectiveness.
Pure Body Composition Analysis (x-ray diffraction)

Cleansed Zeolite:
Mined zeolite is often full of lead, arsenic and other environmental toxins. If the zeolite is already full, it’s not going to have room to trap the toxins found in your body. An independent certificate of analysis that includes a full assay of metals shows just how clean Pure Body is.
Pure Body Chemical Analysis

Sized for Absorption:
Once micronized or milled, zeolites can range from 10 to 40 microns in size—which will help detox your colon and little else. To get through the bloodstream, you have to go much smaller, which most providers aren’t equipped to do. Our particle size analysis provides “picture proof” of the particle size using certified red reference beads (0.3 microns) for comparison.
Pure Body Particle Size Analysis (with introduction)


Research on Clinoptilolite:

Worldwide, scientists have conducted extensive research on the mineral zeolite Clinoptilolite. First identified for its ability to remediate wastewater, Clinoptilolite was later used in radiation removal (Chernobyl) and agricultural feed before being recognized for its detoxification benefits for humans.

While a full body of research can be found on the National Institutes of Health website (PubMed.org), several notable research papers are provided for educational purposes.

Every serving of Pure Body works to:

  • Help the body remove heavy metals and toxins*
  • Support a healthy immune system*
  • Help balance the body’s pH, considered essential for good health*
  • Support healthy digestion

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