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St. John’s Wort Balm

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Immortelle Beauty Face Cream

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Vesna’s Naturals balms approved by the EU

We have another announcement for you.

Vesna’s Naturals balms have also successfully passed the whole process of testing and approval of the European Union!

This was a long, complex and expensive project.

Now Vesna’s Naturals balms can be sold in pharmacies, bio and other stores in Europe and beyond.

These are the approved balms:

Vesna’s Naturals Immortelle Balm = helps reduce wrinkles, esp. around the eyes and mouth

Vesna’s Naturals St. John’s Wort Balm = helps with burns, wounds, bruises etc. – good to have in your first aid box at home!

Vesna’s Naturals Intim Balm = for the “intim zone” (both women and men!)

Vesna’s Naturals Yarrow Balm = for skin problems

Vesna’s Naturals Comfrey Balm = for bones, muscles etc.

Vesna’s Naturals Calendula & Tee Tree Balm = suitable for children, scratches, dry hands and feet

Vesna’s Naturals No Mosquito Balm = repels mosquitos

While we will be working on expanding our distribution in the future, for now Vesna’s Naturals balms are available in our webshop at https://vesnasnaturals.com/en/proizvod/body/body-balms/ and by contacting us directly via facebook, or email us at info@vesnasnaturals.com. With a previous appointment you can also reach us at our lab in Galižana, Istria. In Zagreb some balms are available at “Kantarion”, Martićeva 14 c.

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Vesna’s Naturals face creams approved for sale in the EU

Did you know that Vesna’s Naturals face creams have passed all tests required by the European Union for cosmetics and are approved for their safety and for sale across the EU (such as in pharmacies, supermarkets, health food stores etc.).

The compliance includes microbiological testing, physio-chemical testing, ph, shelf life, testing for heavy metals and dermatological testing. Vesna’s Naturals face creams had to comply with the same standards as the big cosmetics brands that everyone is familar with – but are 100% natural! All face creams have individual Safety Technical Sheets as proof! 

Vesna’s Naturals face creams are 100% natural, toxin-free, handmade and not tested on animals, of course! Containers are made from recycled materials.

Immortelle Beauty Face Cream = anti age cream, including for mature skin
Moisturizing Immortelle Face Cream = a light cream, helps to soothen skin
Moisturizing Immortelle Face Cream = for problematic skin (such as acne, dermatitis, rosacea)
Mint & Lemon Balm Face Cream = for oily or mixed skin
Calendula & Almon Face Cream = a very nourishing cream, esp. suitable for winter

See all Vesna’s Naturals face creams here.

Vesna’s Naturals. Healthy Beautiful You