Returns, complaints and replacements
In order to get a product(s) replaced a customer needs to send them to the address of the OPG Vesna Thiele at their own expense along with a copy of the original invoice. The returned product(s) will then be reviewed by staff of the OPG Vesna Thiele. If it is determined that the product(s) is (are) indeed defective, it (they) will be replaced by the same product or, where this is not possible, by a similar product of the same or similar value.
Products are packaged in a way that they will not get damaged during normal transport / delivery. A buyer is obliged to examine a package upon receipt. If the packaging material has visible damage / deficiencies, it is recommended that the buyer refuses to receive the package since there it could be that the product(s) contained in the package have been damaged during transport / delivery. By refusing the receipt of delivery, the delivery company returns the shipment to the OPG Vesna Thiele, noting that the consignment has been damaged.
Complaints related to product defects and all other complaints may be lodged in writing to the email address: or in writing to: OPG Vesna Thiele, Michele della Vedova 98, 52216 Galžana, Croatia.
In the case of a justified complaint an order may be cancelled and a refund issued or a replacement product sent. In case of damage and / or malfunction of products delivered, customers can return the item to the address specified above where the claim will be investigated. If after careful review it has been determined that the product was intentionally damaged or damaged by some accidental mechanical process, or damaged due to negligence which happened after a product was sent to the customer, the complaint will be denied or at least challenged and the customer will be informed accordingly.
The product that is being returned must have the original label and declaration of the ingredients made by Vesna’s Naturals, and must be presented along with a copy of the original invoice. If it is determined that the complaint is valid, the product will be replaced free of charge or the OPG Vesna Thiele will return the money.
Address for returns and complaints:
OPG Vesna Thiele
Michele della Vedova 98
52216 Galžana
Phone 099 288 3388 (Monday to Friday from 9 to 11 hours.)