Detox Trio



Detox Trio – 3 all natural tinctures for detoxing  and strengthening the body:

1. Liver detox tincture
2. Blood detox tincture
3. Immuno Booster

1. Liver detox tincture cleans the liver from toxins, strengthens liver cells, and protects the liver from retroxification.

The liver is the main laboratory of our organism, which processes and cleans blood from all harmful ingredients and toxins. If the liver is not well, we will feel the consequences on a lot of levels: physical, psychological and emotional.

The liver is the second largest body in the human body after the skin, and it performs over 500 important important functions in your body.

2. (Stining) Nettle tincture is a great remedy if you have a deficiency of iron in your body and you feel tired.! Nettle contains a lot of iron. It is successfully used in treating anemia, positively affects the blood and is therefore used in cleansing programs. It is also used against hair loss and stimulates young hair to grow. It contains calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins C and A and organic acids. After a certain amount of time, you will feel more energy again!

Nettle is one of the most useful medicinal herbs. All parts of nettle – stems, leaves, roots and flowers – have medicinal properties. The Swedish scientist Abbe Kuenzle claims that nettles would long ago disappear from the face of the earth if it didn’t sting. Animals and insects would eat it long ago.

3. Immune Booster – with turmeric and ginger, white onion and horseradish, in apple vinegar!

Strengthens the immune system, a natural and very powerful natural immune booster! Also suitable for children!

The Detox Trio is an excellent choice of products for detoxing and strengthening the body.

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