Liver Detox Tincture, 50 ml

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Liver detox tincture cleanses the liver of toxins, strengthens liver cells and protects the liver from retoxification. Liver detox tincture contains dandelion leaf and root, watercress leaf and root, burdock root, sycamore leaf and wormhole.

The liver is the main laboratory of our body, which processes and cleanses the blood of all harmful ingredients and toxins. If the liver is not right, we will feel the consequences on many levels: physical, mental, emotional.

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body after the skin, and performs over 500 important important functions in your body.

Why Liver Detox Tincture?

Among the most important tasks of the liver are

  • cleansing the body of toxins
  • fat regulation
  • maintaining hormone balance
  • blood protein production
  • bile production, etc.

Everything you take into the body through food, inhalation or through the skin passes through the liver. Fatty, baked, fried foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, medications and polluted air are among the biggest enemies of this vital organ. By their toxic action, they damage the liver and impair its functionality, and ultimately have a negative effect on overall health.

There are situations when the liver needs help, but the enumerated excessive enjoyment of unhealthy food, alcohol, tobacco, as well as the use of drugs can be seen as a “stress test” for your liver. Of course, even with special conditions and liver diseases, we need a mild and natural way to support its action.

If you are constantly tired, sluggish and have poor concentration, your body probably needs cleansing! 

More on the herbs used


Dandelion leaves are even more “rich” than spinach and tomato in terms of vitamin composition. Dandelion contains vitamins A, B2, C, D and G, as well as the minerals potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. As a powerful diuretic, it is beneficial for the kidneys and urinary organs. In addition to having diuretic properties, it stimulates bile production, cleanses the liver, helps with allergies and lowers cholesterol.

Due to the many nutrients it contains, dandelion leaves are also recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant and postmenopausal women. Dandelion is generally beneficial for women’s diseases, and especially for the prevention and treatment of breast diseases, cysts, cancer, swelling and breastfeeding problems.


Burdock root has an anti-toxic effect. It promotes the excretion of urine and sweat, and cleanses the blood. It is also used in the treatment of all types of ulcers, gout, obsolete rheumatic diseases, water sickness and mercury poisoning.

Tea made from young leaves is used in the treatment of catarrh of the stomach and bloating, and is a good remedy against various rashes, ulcers, purulent wounds and sores in the mouth. Burdock seed is used for all diseases for which both the root and the leaves are used, with the seed having a stronger effect. Burdock seed is used to make burdock oil which is a very good remedy against dandruff and hair loss.


Watercress or chicory stimulates and improves digestion and is an excellent remedy for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and yarrow, in addition to relieving cramps in the stomach and digestive tract, is highly valued in folk medicine as a wound healing plant.

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