Immortelle Beauty Face Cream, 60g

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Immortelle Beauty Face Cream (formerly called Anti-Age Face Cream) uses hand-picked Immortelle flowers from Istria, Croatia which are also known as the “immortal flower”.

This special formula balances the skin, whether dry, oily or mixed. At the same time the Anti-Age Immortelle Face Cream makes the skin softer, more elastic and smooth.

Suitable for mature and sensitive skin.

100% natural and hand made in Istria, Croatia.

Immortelle is also known as an “elixir of youth” and the “eternal flower” because its yellow flowers with their intoxicating scent never completely wilt nor do they lose their yellow colour – even when dried! It’s elixir also treats the traces of time on your face!

Suitable for mature skin. It slows down the ageing of the skin, relieves wrinkles, and scars. It balances the skin, whether it’s dry, greasy or mixed and restores its balance, and accelerates cell renewal in just a few days. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is more full, soft and elastic.

Vesna’s Naturals Beauty Cream consists of 100% natural ingredients and is hand made without additives and preservatives. The base of the cream is produced with cold pressed olive oil, which helps to alleviate wrinkles and scars. Coconut and Shea butter nourish and protect the skin. Aloe Vera and herbal glycerin hydrate the skin while vitamin E and A and the essential oils of lavender and melissa help balance the skin and give a pleasant refreshing scent!

In the morning, the skin needs to be awakened and given a shine which you can achieve with Immortelle Beauty Face Cream. Your skin will thank you with a fresh brilliance and vitality. Apply the Beauty Cream also on you neck and neckline as desired.

Immortelle Beauty Face Cream absorbs easily, protecting the face throughout the day. It is also suitable for evening care. The balanced ratio of active ingredients allows you to use it regardless of whether your face skin is greasy, mixed or dry. You can simply not go wrong with this cream. See the testimonials from other satisfied users of Vesna’s Naturals Beauty Cream.

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Pogodna je za zrelu kožu, usporava starenje kože, ublažava bore, i ožiljke. Balansira kožu, bilo da je suha, masna ili mješovita i vraća joj ravnotežu, te ubrzava obnovu stanica u samo nekoliko dana. Bore se smanje, koža je punija, mekša i elastičnija.

Ostale informacije

Ostale informacije

Sadržaj: 50gr
Primjena: Nanesite je na očišćeno lice, vrat i dekolte po želji. Masirajte nježno. Iznimno brzo se upija zbog čega je izvrsna podloga za make-up. Primjerena je i za večernju njegu.
Upozorenje: Samo za vanjsku uporabu.  Preporuča se držati na hladnom
Pakiranje: 50 ml PET 100% reciklirajuća ambalaža
Sastojci/ INCI:Aqua, OleaEuropaeaFruit Oil,HelichrysumItalicumFlowerExtract, CocosNucifera Oil,Cetearylalcohol,AloeBarbadensisLeafJuice, Sorbitol, Glycerin,ButyrospermumParkii, StearicAcid, Tocopherol, RetinylPalmitate, Coco-Caprylate, SilverCitrate,LavandulaAngustifolia Oil, MelissaOfficinalis Oil

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