Moisturizing Immortelle Face Cream, 60 g

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Soothes the traces of time on your face! Deeply hydrating. Nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
Using Immortelle, known as the “immortal flower” and as the elixir of youth, whose yellow flowers never wilt and do not change colour. Also contains yarrow.
Suitable for mature and sensitive skin.

100% natural and hand made in Istria, Croatia

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Moisturizing Immortelle Face Cream, 60 g

  1. Erica Vukovic

    ja oduvijek imam problema sa kozom lica, sve kreme mi stvaraju alergiju, svasta sam probala, od najskupljih pa do najjeftinjih, nista nije pomoglo dok nisam probala Vesninu kremu od smilje. Rijesila sam se alergije na licu a koza je tako mekana i ugodna. Preporucam je svima.

  2. vesna

    Once you apply it on the face..face stays soft all day doesn’t get dry in 10 min like with other creams..and the best of all that this cream is hydrating and not greasy like many others…I would highly recommend it!

    Višnja Dragun

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