Yarrow Oil, 100 ml



Yarrow oil is useful in the healing of acne scars, small wounds and scratches (for example, after shaving or waxing) and painful inflamed joints and muscles, among other things. It, stimulates the regeneration of the skin and soothes irritated skin (such as rash and dermatitis). Great also for after-sun because it relieves redness and tones the skin. Yarrow oil has also been used for the relief of painful and replete menstruation, the urinary tract, symptoms of menopause, ovarian and uterine inflammation as well as painful hemorrhoids. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties benefiting the digestive tract, regulates digestion, relieves symptoms of heartburn, purifies the blood, has an excellent effect on the bone marrow and also on damaged nipples nursing mothers have. A great oil for baby skin care as well.

100% natural hand made in Istria, Croatia.



za njegu upalnih procesa kože, ispucale kože, ali i za bolne upale u dubljem tkivu npr. zglobova i mišića. Ima izraženo djelovanje na živčani sustav. Djeluje snažno protuupalno i smiruje reumatske bolove.

Ostale informacije

Ostale informacije

Sadržaj: 50/100ml
Primjena: Može se nanositi na kožu više puta dnevno.
Upozorenje: Samo za vanjsku uporabu.
Pakiranje: 50/100ml staklena ambalaža
Sastojci/ INCI:OleaEuropaeaFruit Oil,AchilleaMillefolium FlowerExtract,Tocopherol, SalviaSclarea (Clary) Oil

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