What is the key to health?

The most important variable in physical health / sickness is actually what we ELIMINATE! This is the key to health.

Why? Because some of the main causes of sickness are toxins, heavy metals and parasites which build up in the body and cause all kinds of problems / diseases.

Without the burden of these negative things accumulating in the body, the body can heal itself and function much better!

That’s why the most important ways you can restore health NATURALLY are:

1. A regular anti-parasitic programs – twice a year is great! Consider this antiparastic program.
2. Regular detoxing AND cleansing – daily detox is best! Consider this detox product and this body cleanse.
3. Avoiding / reducing exposure to toxins – in the environment, in food, in cleaning and personal care products
4. Drinking plenty of CLEAN water
5. Eating seasonal / local CLEAN and mostly alkaline food
6. SUPPORTING the body – thinking positively, getting plenty of rest, lowering stress, boosting immunity etc.
7. Exercising regularly – every day is best!
8. Having FUN – easily overlooked but so important!

All this is within (y)our control. It’s a matter of AWARENESS and PRIORITY!

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