Products from other companies. The following products are not made by OPG Thiele (Vesna’s Naturals). However, we have done considerable research into the best options for various needs and trust that these companies provide some of the best products on the market. If you are interested in any of these products feel free to contact us or order directly from the companies (see links).

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Organic CBD hemp paste 30%, 5ml

80,00  715,78 kn602,76 kn

Organic CBD hemp paste 50%, 5ml

120,00  1.130,18 kn904,14 kn

Organic CBD hemp paste 20%, 5ml

65,00  565,09 kn489,74 kn

Organic CBD oil drops 10%, 10ml

55,00  489,74 kn414,40 kn

Organic CBD oil drops 5%, 10ml

30,00  263,71 kn226,04 kn

Organic CBD oil drops 3%, 10 ml

21,00  188,36 kn158,22 kn