Organic CBD oil drops 5%, 10ml



Cold-pressed hemp seed oil infused with full-spectrum organic hemp extract.

CBD Drops dosage depends on the individual. Too small or too big of a dose have equally low effectiveness. This is the reason why each individual should first start with one drop, and then increase the number of drops up until the optimum effect on the body is achieved. Drops are dosed every 6h or three times a day, based on individual needs.

For some, the ideal dose may only be 1 drop, while others will need 15+ drops. If your dose is large, the drops can be replaced with a higher % CBD Drops or Paste (ex. 2 drops 5% CBD = 1 drop 10% CBD), to speed up and simplify the administration of the product.

To improve taste of the product, the drops can be mixed in food, drink, or dripped on a sugar cube. This practice is particularly favourable when we provide drops to children or animals, as they are more sensitive to the taste.

People use drops to help calm them down, relieve anxiety, help them with their sleep problems, relieve pain and inflammation.


Cold-pressed hemp oil that contains:

  • natural chlorophyll,
  • essential fatty acids: omega 3, 6, 9,
  • amino acids,
  • GLA,
  • vitamins: E and D,
  • Magnesium.

Full-spectrum organic cannabis extract – contains CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes.

The product is gluten-free, GMO-free, free of artificial colours or flavours and suitable for Vegans.

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